Hollywood Homicide

Lights… Camera… Murder! With a blood-curdling scream the beautiful Marilyn bursts into the room, staggers amongst your guests and slumps to the ground. The scene of the crime is suddenly swarming with LAPD and confusion reigns. Can you solve the mystery behind the death of Hollywood’s blonde bombshell?


This murder is glamour and corruption at its best with each team under pressure to discover who the murderer was, the motive and how they did it before anything is leaked to the gossip-hungry press.


Before the night ends, tables will act out their verdict with an array of glittering costumes and props. An intriguing evening of corruption and lies, A-List style!

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Inside Info

"Hollywood Homicide really transports guests back to the glamorous scene of 1950s LA, where beauty was power and scandal was plentiful. It's impossible for guests not to get completely absorbed in the plot!"

Sarah Lewis, Event Manager


Best For:

Entertainment, Teamwork, Reward


Team based murder mystery over a meal
Style: Fun, interactive, glamorous
Guests: 8-1000+
Timings: Over a meal




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