iStudio sees teams take on the roles of TV and film production studios, from pre to post production, and everything in between.


Guests will storyboard, script, and act out their own creations, capturing their film in full HD. We supply all the technical equipment and an extensive props and costume department.


After shooting, teams can edit the footage to ensure every scene is second perfect, creating a final, polished product.


The event ends with a showing of the films on the big screen, with individual awards for performances and an overall prize for ‘Best Picture’.

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Inside Info

“With iStudio teams are heavily invested in their creative collaboration, and they must manage their time well. The results though, are impressive and hilarious!”

Iain Irvine, Event Manager


Best For:

Team Building, Collaboration, Techies


Production team filming event


High tech, creative, fun
Guests: 6-600+
Timings: Half or full day
Budget: £££££


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