Multi Activity Day

Our Multi Activity Day offers an exciting mix of unusual and adrenaline-filled activities, complete with supportive, expert instructors to ensure you get the most out of your day.


With a huge range of activities to choose from, from quad biking and hovercrafts to archery and clay pigeon shooting, you can be sure you’ll find something to suit everyone!


Whether you choose to make it a competition with a champagne prize for the winners, or simply enjoy the activities on a have-a-go basis, this is a great way to experience something new and unusual together.

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Inside Info

“A Multi Activity Day really keeps the teams on their toes as they move from challenge to challenge - I love watching the guests learn new skills and grow in confidence as they take part in each activity.”

Katrina Shoesmith, Events Director


Best For:

Reward, Confidence, Team Building


Team activity event
Style: Fun or competitive, relaxed or more challenging
Guests: 8-800+
Timings: Half or full day




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