Murder and the Mob

Widely feared mafia boss Carmine ‘The Whisper’ Salvatore has gathered the heads of the five mafia families on urgent business. Suddenly a shot is heard and the bloodied Carmine staggers into your dining room, gasping his last breaths. The unthinkable has happened - Carmine has been hit by one of his own.


Don your trilbies and straighten up your spatz - guests are transported to 1930s New York and recruited to assist the NYPD. With drama unfolding in front of their very eyes, evidence will be brought out to examine and clues to unravel in an attempt to determine who did it and why?


Evening entertainment at its very best with a sensational finale seeing guests act out their verdicts with costumes and props. Do you dare dally in Murder and the Mob?

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Inside Info

"My favourite thing about Murder and the Mob is the way that guests always get so immersed in the gangster theme - practicing their accents and asking the waiting staff for 'cawfee' has them giggling long after the event has finished."

Kim Harrington, Event Manager


Best For:

Entertainment, Team Building, Reward


Team based murder mystery over a meal
Style: Fun, interactive, 1930's New York
Guests: 8-480+
Timings: 2-3 hours




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