Pub Games

Fantastic fun for all to enjoy, Pub Games is the perfect way to take your pre-dinner drinks to the next level!


Fully customisable to your requirements, choose from traditional favourites such as skittles, giant jenga and table football, or opt for modern crowd pleasers including air hockey, electronic putting greens and basketball machines.

Whether you keep it casual on a have-a-go basis or team up for some light-hearted competition, Pub Games is the perfect way to break the ice and get the banter flowing.

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Inside Info

"Pub Games is brilliant for groups that don't all know each other well - the competetive element really brings people together. Having said that, groups that are already close make for fantastic competetive banter!"

Kim Harrington, Event Manager


Best For:

Reward, Icebreaker, Fun, Competitve


Evening entertainment, games hire
Style: Fun, interactive games








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