Rhythm Sensation Drumming

An ideal way to bring a burst of frenetic energy to a room, the Rhythm Sensations Drumming event is perfect as an icebreaker or an energiser.


Get your conference off to a flying start by having our professional musicians burst into the room playing high energy beats. Each guest will then receive their own instrument and within minutes will be playing as units, with different parts of the room mastering different beats until it all comes together in one epic performance!


Whether you have minutes or hours to invest in this event, the rewards in energy levels, focus and participation for the rest of the day will be easy to see!

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Inside Info

"This event is an amazing way of engaging the audience quickly and creating a unified approach - and one that will last long after the event is over."

Iain Irvine, Event Manager


Best For:

Energiser, Icebreaker, Teamwork, Team Building


Drumming team building event


Creative, participative, musical, high energy




30 mins - half day




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