Rhythm Sensation Drumming

With a burst of sound our team of professional musicians spring into the room playing high energy grooves on drums of all shapes and sizes!


Before the guests have caught their breath they have their own drum in their hands, and are being taught quickly the basic skills and rhythms needed to build a powerful percussion band, ready to embark on a vibrant sound adventure that will build in pace and intensity until the explosive finale.


Through various rhythm games and hand signals the group is guided along an inspirational journey, demonstrating improved communication and through learning different rhythms, showing how individual input is crucial to the overall sound - always disguised as outrageous fun!

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Inside Info

“With a drumming event you can feel the energy in the room shift in an instant, and then stay at a glorious high level until long after the event is finished!”

Sophie Roberts, Event Manager


Best For:

Collaboration, Team Building, Energiser, Icebreaker


Participative, drumming team building
Style: Musical, creative, one team, high impact
Guests: 10-2000+
Timings: 30 mins - half day
Budget: £££££


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