Rule the World

A fabulous 35 ft ‘Monopoly’ style board and a lifesize jail form the centrepiece for this unique and fast-paced giant board game! Throwing enormous dice to move their widgets round the board, teams draw Fortune and Mystery cards challenging them to up to 30 different games and forfeits!


Exciting and energetic, the teams rush to complete their challenges and return to the board for more! As the race for world domination reaches its climax, teams buy and sell countries and collect millions in taxes from those who land on their shores.


Which team will complete the most challenges? Which will spend the most time in jail? And which team will earn the most cash and Rule the World? Great fun competition, this is one of our most memorable events!

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Inside Info

“I love this event. The familiar board game theme really helps to bring out the competitiveness in teams, and the frantic pace of the finale where fortunes are made and lost is amazing!”

Sarah Lewis, Event Manager


Best For:

Fun, Competition, Team Building, Memorable


Outdoor team challenge event
Style: Monopoly themed, great fun, action packed
Guests: 12-500+
Timings: Half or full day program




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