Superhero Adventure

Do you yearn for the good old days when heroes fought for the innocent and the downtrodden? When calls for help were answered by brightly dressed moral crusaders? When men of steel knew how to wear a pair of underpants?


The Superhero Adventure is a treasure hunt like no other; teams race throughout the location armed with their wits and their team iPad, meeting heroic characters and creating their very own comic strip as they go, in which they are the stars!


An effortlessly simple interface allows teams to take and insert photos into panels of their comic strip without losing any time in their adventure and allowing them to focus on the whole range of challenges.

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Inside Info

“The Superhero Adventure is great, silly fun with a really creative, competitive element. There are a whole bunch of challenges for the teams, but it's the creation of their team comic that's the real highlight. Kapow!”

Sarah Lewis, Event Manager


Best For:

Teamwork, Fun, Creativity


Team based, outdoor treasure hunt event
Style: Superhero themed, varied challenges
Guests: 6-2000+
Timings: Half day
Budget: £££££


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