The Apprentices

Creative thinking and an eye for excellence are required as teams compete to win the favour of our very own billionaire tycoon!


Teams may find themselves tasked with designing a new clothing range, shooting a promotional video, staging and producing a calendar or even crafting a signature cocktail and chocolate range, all to win favour of our tycoon and save themselves from the chop.


After each challenge teams must present their work in the ‘boardroom’ and be ready to justify their creation and their brand in front of our tycoon - and the other teams! In the end, one team will prevail and win the coveted title of The Apprentices.

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Inside Info

“There’s always loads happening in The Apprentices, and teams have to work hard and fast to stay ahead of the game. A great combination of creative skill and fast talking is what’s needed to succeed here!”

Zoe Taylor, Senior Event Manager


Best For:

Entertainment, Teamwork, Creativity, Collaboration, Innovation 


Team challenges based on The Apprentice


Creative, competitive, fast paced, challenging




Half or full day




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