Time Lords

This dynamic, high-energy training program tackles one of the most common problems faced by today's workforce - too much to do and not enough time!


Although no magic wand is involved and more hours cannot be added to your day, key time management techniques will help you take control of your habits, choices, actions, attention and energy!


Your team will learn to balance their workloads and implement new systems to ensure higher productivity and a more positive approach to tasks and deadlines. Developing an effective and beneficial collaboration with others will also be explored as optimum communication and delegation will be discussed in depth.

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Inside Info

‘Time Lords is the perfect morning workshop to get a team looking at team building from a positive perspective. Time is so precious that guests sometimes feel they are missing out on valuable work time by attending an away day. This workshop is designed to show just how important time well spent is!’

Zoe Taylor, Senior Event Manager


Best For:

Facilitation, Time Management, Problem Solving, Leadership


Time management training programme


Informative, high-energy, interactive




Half or full day program




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