Who Killed His Lordship?

Over the hubbub of polite conversation, the clinking of glasses and the crunch of starched napkins, your guests hear a commotion outside. Suddenly the doors burst open, and in staggers a man who within seconds, is dead on the floor. Foul play is a given, but... who would kill his Lordship?


The proceedings are quickly taken over by the infamous Sherlock Holmes who will declare the guests deputies of Scotland Yard, enlisting their help to uncover the who, the what and the why?


Over coffee, tables will act out their verdicts complete with costumes and props for all to see... The game's afoot!

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Inside Info

"Who Killed His Lordship works so well because it is a classic game of 'who dunnit?' It's particularly fun when we have 'secret' information on the guests beforehand that we can work into the script - they never see it coming!" 

Conor Molloy, Event Manager


Best For:

Entertainment, Team Building, Reward


Team based murder mystery over a meal


Traditional, fun, interactive




Over a meal




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